Not How But Why You Should Quit Smoking

Find a reason, most people have one. And stick to it.

1. Yes, it’s that simple. All you have to do is to find a reason. And don’t worry, most people have one. The stronger the reason, the better chances you’ll quit. Place this written somewhere you can see every time.

2. If you don’t see any reason, there’s always the rule of two: Firstly, the people around you, close to you, your friends or relatives, children & family, who don’t smoke or who have quit will be disturbed and unnecessarily suffer health consequences because of passive smoking, Secondly, maybe if you don’t feel for those you don’t know, think about this as a way of improving your health.

3. Your health has already suffered a lot since the day you began smoking. And by the time you read this passage, thirty persons in the world would have died of smoking. And it is not a quick heart attack, but usually a slow and painful cancer that kills. They suffer for months or years sometimes, without any food, all on Intravenous lines, meeting doctors, taking chemotherapy, and can’t swallow anything, can’t breathe spontaneously either sometimes.

4. Patients don’t realize this when they’re young, but it strikes suddenly at any age and they then repent without any use, the cough appears, the chest pain and these are very common symptoms in 8 out of 10 smokers. But these are subtle hints that your body has reached its threshold to suffering.

5. The reason is all that matters, because if you have a strong reason to cut down, you cannot go back. If you don’t, you can falter. So self-reflect and find that in you.

6. Just cold quit for the fad or to test if you really can. There was a time that smoking became the trend among peers in India, but not anymore. The trend has changed to quitting more over the past years.

7. Play smart. Remain sexy! Even one cigarette can rot your organs from inside out. It is not a hidden fact that tobacco can make you sterile in no time. It can make you look uglier, it dehydrate your body and takes away your youth glow. This shouldn’t be why you grew old so soon.

8. Have you seen any tobacco advertisements in the recent past?Over the last few couple of years? No. Why? Because cigarette companies are now shrinking. They’re paying for all the wrong research they published. The number of people smoking are now reducing from 8 out of 10 in the late 19th century when it was at its peak coming down to 3 in 10 because they’re seeing the harmful effects of it themselves in the older generation. Their parents are dying of clogged arteries.

9. Realize that you cannot do this alone and get your well-wishers involved like your children, your partner, your family or your friends. Also don’t forger to seek advice and speak with a specialist in addiction. There are Psychologists specialized in ridding you of tobacco addiction. Consult and take help from the experts.