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Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating

When it comes to healthy eating, are you in it one hundred percent or are you fifty-fifty? We know we should be eating healthy foods and snacks but sometimes the healthy foods are not well, that tasty. But what if they were tasty? Would you be eating more healthy food and snacks if they tasted […]

Deaths and Disease From Smoking

Tobacco smoking is one of the largest causes of preventable illness and death in Australia. Research estimates that two in three lifetime smokers will die from a disease caused by their smoking. The most recent estimate of deaths caused by tobacco in Australia is for the financial year 2004-05. Tobacco use caused a total of […]

Analyze Your Mind and Body for Signs of Toxicity

Your body is pretty complex. It handles many thousands of tasks each day – many of which you’re completely unaware of. When something isn’t right, your body will start sending you warning messages. The problem is that not many people understand that these warning messages come in the form of symptoms. When there’s an issue, […]

High on Cholesterol

Should we really be worried about having a ‘high’ cholesterol level? Raised cholesterol levels are seen as a risk factor for heart disease and statins are seen as the cure. I already knew that statins had side-effects so when I was told my cholesterol was too high I wanted to find out more. What follows […]

Eat Your Way to Heart Health

The frustrating thing is, heart disease is entirely preventable, yet I have met countless people who seem to think it is just something you “get.” Although most will admit they could have eaten healthier or exercised a tad bit more, they perceive it to be mostly out of their control. This perception is not entirely […]

The Basic Facts of Juice Cleanse

We have often heard about the best juice cleanse, but how many of us actually know the meaning of this routine. Before we start, you need to understand how the toxins get into your body. During our day to day routine, the food we eat, the water we drink and even the environment that we […]

Studies Show Cigarette Smoking Causes Chronic Back Pain

You have probably experienced back pain. At one point or another, everyone has. Have you ever asked yourself whether your smoking has something to do with your back pain? You should have. Smoking Hurts Your Back It turns out that cigarette smoking has a direct influence on many aspects of your health. Back pain is […]

Vitamin B Heart Benefits

Heart disease is a major killer of men and women all across the world. While cancer and other serious illnesses claim lots of lives, heart disease is not far behind. Lifestyle changes can help a lot with preventing this disease. If you have already been diagnosed with some form of heart disease, your diet can […]

How to Do a Detox Cleanse Step by Step

A successful detox cleanse includes at least one week of preparation to eliminate foods, beverages and substances which are toxic or irritating to the body, including: Dairy (milk, cheese, etc.) Wheat and gluten (breads, pasta, etc.) Sugar and artificial sweeteners Processed foods Soy Caffeine (including coffee, tea, soda) Alcoholic beverages Eliminating the above, especially caffeine, […]

Lifestyle Changes You Should Embrace To Reduce Heart Disease Risks

Heart disease is one of the diseases that kill people today. Fortunately, by making a few lifestyle changes you can reduce your risk of serious cardiovascular diseases. Below are some changes you can start working on today to improve your health and reduce disease risks. Watch your weight Excessive weight is largely associated with high […]